Develop your own chatbot without coding.

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The receptionist chatbot is capable of:

- Making and cancelling reservations
- Ordering refunds for consumers
- Request cleaning of a room

Receptionist Bot

Having your support personnel team operating 24/7 would be costly, you know what is not costly? Having a bot receiving consumer information so that you can contact them as soon as you see them. Did I mention that this is the same system we use for our contact too?

This is a bot that will be act like the reception and collects email, phone number and some topic related from your client. It is more convenient for a consumer to engage in a conversation where less effort is used. Receptionist bot can accept repetitive questions. With its capability, you could cut the cost of consumer services.

Laundry Service

The Laundry chatbot is capable of:

- Giving information to your new consumer
- Tell consumers about opening hours
- Sending the location of the service

Laundry Bot

Imagine having your own personal consumer support that answer all your consumer related question to your specific shop 24/7, and take over the conversation anytime you feel like it? Laundry experiences begin long before the hands on.

This is a bot where you can get more information on the laundry shop. There is information on the price of your chosen load and the contact of the laundry shop. You can try to send message in each platform.

Special Event

The special event chatbot is capable of:

- Making fun interactions for your consumers
- Make replies based on special event
- Give information based on event

Special Event Bot

Interact with your consumer during festive season by designing a specialized Chatbot solution. Let your consumer know that you are keeping up with special events around you. Wish to know your fortune and your lucky number for Chinese New Year? You can reuse the same model for raya too.

Try our Chatbot from previous Chinese New Year where we let our consumer use it for some fun! You can know what your zodiac tell about you in year 2019, what is your lucky number and many more.

Food & Beverage

The restaurant chatbot is capable of:

- Making reservations
- Placing orders
- Providing information for your quests

Restaurant Bot

Connect to your own order system or delivery system API with our API node to make the reservation? The configuration is so easy! Make an impressive interaction to deal with your consumer from reservations to orders! Let your consumer enhance dining experiences before the food tasting.

You can make table reservation through the Chatbot instead of walk in or making call which can be hassle most of the time. If you know what you want to eat, you can place your order here too!

Data providing service

This chatbot is capable of:

- Requesting data from the server
- Sending data to the server
- Providing consumers with different kind of data


Use our chatbot to get all kinds of data directly across your consumers. Connect your API easily to the server and let the bot handle all your data to the user.

This bot can be used for all kinds of data, let us give you an example. Are you a Star Wars fan who wants all kind of Star Wars related information available at all time? Try our demo below and find out of this bot is somethinig for you!

Data gathering service

This chatbot is capable of:

- Reaching your consumers with no trouble
- Sending your research information to the server
- Providing consumers a different interactive feedback support

Survey Bot

Need to gather some data from your audience? Want to collect data in fancy way? Use our Chatbot to satisfy your needs. Reach your audience in any platform you want the survey to be done.

This is a bot that will be act like the reception and collects email, phone number and some topic related from your client.